Cisco Internet of Things Group (IoTG) is looking for an experienced Software Engineer to build RF Mesh network platform for connecting millions of smart devices including electric/gas meters, grid sensors/controllers, distribution automation devices, home appliance and gadgets, edge routers, etc. The platform is based on the latest open standards from IETF and IEEE to enable end-to-end IP connectivity to every device.

Role & Responsibilities
* Development of embedded software for Cisco's IoT solutions.
* System testing and performance benchmarking

Minimum Qualifications
* Strong background in computer science
* Proficient in C language on embedded system
* Experiences with software development in resource and power constrained micro-controller environments
* Experiences with mesh network and / or sensor network
* Good understanding of internet protocols (IPv4/IPv6/ICMPv6/TCP/UDP/DHCPv6)
* Excellent written & oral communication skills (English & Chinese)
* Team player, eager to learn on the job

Desired Skills
* Familiarity with hardware design of embedded system is a plus
* Familiarity with ARM Cortex M3/M4 and IAR Embedded Workbench is a plus
* Familiarity with IEEE802.15.4 RF and / or IEEE 1901.2 PLC is a plus
* Familiarity with Wi-SUN/Thread, 6LoWPAN, RPL, CoAP is a big plus
* Familiarity with IEEE 802.1X/802.11i is a plus
* Familiarity with TinyOS or Contiki programming is a plus
* Familiarity with Linux kernel, Linux device driver and RTOS (Mbed OS / Riot OS / Zephyr OS / FreeRTOS / ThreadX) is a plus
* Knowledge of Utilities industry is a plus

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